What people say

A 15-year-old girl who had been suffering with physical abuse spoke to Voice:

‘’When I first started seeing someone from Voice I was very closed off and I had no confidence. My worker has worked with me through many problems over the past two years.  As well as boosting my confidence massively I have started opening myself to new opportunities which I never would have done without Voice. Everyday struggles and obstacles have been made easier to handle with all the advice and support I have received.’’

A six-year-old boy who’s home had been burgled told us:

“I feel safer in my house because of what we did in the dolls house and the safety plan. I don’t think they will come back anymore so I don’t worry about it anymore.  The worry monster took it away.”

A 12-year-old boy who was attacked said:

“This has helped me a lot with my confidence.  I can now go out with friends and not think about what happened.  I am now doing better and concentrating more in school and the relationship with my family has also improved.”

A 10-year-old girl who groomed online spoke about Voice:

“Voice CYP has helped me a lot. Before I started receiving support I had anger issues and I took it out on other people. When I started talking to Voice I started to see the dangers of online gaming and talking to strangers. At first I was so nervous about talking to anyone about my problem because I was used to bottling things up inside and I thought by speaking out they would laugh at me like everyone else did. Voice has helped me so much.  I am much happier and now have so much more confidence in myself.”