Restorative Practice is a victim focused approach that attempts to resolve crime, anti-social behaviour and other conflicts.

Voice works with a wide range organisations to provide restorative services to those harmed by crime, or experiencing conflict or antisocial behaviour.

The method involves bringing those who have been harmed or affected by an incident into meaningful communication with those responsible for causing the harm. The aim is to help those affected to explain the impact the incident has had on their lives and discuss ways in which the situation can be improved or resolved.

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What is Restorative Practice?

If you’ve been the victim of a crime or experienced conflict or anti-social behaviour, the thought of meeting the person who was responsible might be a daunting prospect. For many people however, talking about what happened and how they were made to feel helps them to move on from the experience.

This process is called Restorative Practices and it can be used in everything from neighbour disputes to serious crimes. Evidence shows that 85% of those harmed who decide to go through the process, come away feeling satisfied.