Become a Voice Volunteer 

Our volunteers are an essential and valued part of the Voiceteam.Without them we wouldn’t beable to help and support as many people as we do. 

Voicevolunteers help people who have experienced crime in a variety of ways; from acting as caseworkers to providing telephone support and liaising with other agencies. 

Why should I become a Voice Volunteer? 

Becoming a volunteer will equip you with new skills andprovide huge personal satisfactionas you helpothers tocope, recover and thrive following their experience. 

Giving back to your community and helping those in unfortunate positions is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Along the way you’ll meet likeminded people and gain an enormous sense of fulfilment. You may even be able to get time off work to volunteer with us from your employer, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy. 

What training will I receive? 

We’ll train you tofeel calm, comfortable, confident and knowledgeable in order to be able to support people who have affected by different types of trauma on the roads. 

You’ll be able to listen, empathise and help the people you meet to regain the strength to move on and cope with their experience. 

Basic traininginvolveslearning about how the criminal justice system works; how to access support services; road safety and the impact of road accidentson people. We have a wealth of training on offer for anyonewho joins us; including regular one to oneswith experience members of staff, access to volunteereForums, eLearning and much, muchmore. 

What experience or qualifications do I need? 

You don’t needanyqualifications or previous experience to volunteerwith Voice. Allwe ask is that you’reoverthe age of 18, have a willingness to help and can spare alittle time. We’ll do the rest.   

Get in touch to find out more 

If you’re interested in volunteering,you can fill in the form below, or send us an email (link). Alternatively, call us on 0300 303 1965 and choose option 3. 

As part of processing your volunteer application, we’ll completea check with theDisclosure and Barring Service(formally known as aCriminal Records Bureau check). This is for the protection of the people we help. Having a criminal record does not automatically disqualifyyoufrom volunteering for Voice.