Vacancy – Support Worker

Do you want to join a dynamic team who positively help Victims of crime? Voice provides a range of personally tailored services that provide all the information, guidance and practical and emotional support and specialist help to Victims or witnesses when they need it.

We support and care for individuals through their personal journeys so they can cope and recover from the crimes that they have been subjected to.

As a Support Worker your role will be key in delivering our specialist service. Your role will provide up-to-date and relevant information to victims across Northamptonshire.

Job title: Support Worker

Location: Voice Northamptonshire

Reporting to: Team Leader

Salary Scale: 4 – (£20,619 – £22,833)

Hours of Work: 37

Job description

Purpose of the job

To deliver frontline services to victims within Northamptonshire

Main duties

  1. Undertake initial victim contact by telephone to improve and maintain rates of successful direct contact made and provide up-to-date and relevant information to victims
  2. Prioritise and organise workloads to ensure victims and witnesses are warned for court and kept informed of hearing outcomes adhering to requirements within the Victims Code of Practice and the Witness Charter
  3. Carry out a service needs assessment following agreed processes and timescales. Where victims and witnesses are required for court, organise accommodation, interpreters, travel, prisoner productions and any other means to ensure victim and witness attendance
  4. Identify service needs, record the results of the assessment and provide a tailored response to every victim and witnesses needs
  5. Facilitate the delivery of identified needs by referral on to another appropriate service on behalf of the victim or witness using agreed processes, or by directing referrals to an appropriate colleague
  6. Manage victims and witnesses immediate service needs, where necessary
  7. Contribute towards risk assessment processes and use safe contact methods with all victims respecting confidentiality, follow agreed processes for contacting victims of sexual violence, domestic violence, people bereaved by homicide and young people and children
  8. Maintain contact using agreed processes to check that the service has been delivered appropriately or if there are any new service needs. Engage with witnesses post charge and obtain relevant information, ensuring it is passed to the CPS in a timely manner
  9. Respond to queries from Court, re-prioritising work in order to carry out additional tasks as requested by the Caseworker, Prosecutor, Barrister or Judge. Monitor daily court list changes and update victims and witnesses as required. On rare occasions, attend court if required by the Judge, Magistrates or to support the needs of the victim or witness
  10. Support prosecution cases by ensuring completion of further statements and special measures information. Task police to complete statements or in cases of short timescales arrange for the relevant information to be passed to the lawyer. Use professional judgement on information that may be of evidential value and pass to the appropriate organisation
  11. Alert a line manager to any problems that cannot be readily resolved
  12. Record all contacts with victims and witnesses securely and accurately, in accordance with procedures for monitoring and evaluation purposes.
  13. Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders. Be flexible, assisting with colleague’s work in absence, take ownership of queries and issues and manage successful resolutions
  14. Liaise with appropriate victim support agencies, Police, CPS and HMCTS colleagues to contribute to the effective running of the service
  15. Ensure that the standards and procedures of Voice are observed, particularly those relating to safe practice, confidentiality and information sharing.

Generic responsibilities

  1. Develop a culture and systems that promote equality and value diversity
  2. Promote a health and safety culture within the workplace
  3. Manage personal resources and own professional development
  4. Support Regional Fundraising efforts
  5. All information must be maintained in accordance with the Data Protection Act
  6. Undertake other activities as required


  • Travel may occasionally be required

Unsocial Hours

  • Able to work flexibly including evenings and weekends.


  • Any professional qualification funded by Voice for Victims and Witnesses will be managed under its Special Leave Policy.

This job description serves to illustrate the type and scope of the duties currently required for the above post and to provide an indication of the required level of responsibility. It is not a comprehensive or exclusive list and duties may be varied from time to time, they will not however change the general character of the job or the level of responsibility entailed.

Person specification

You must provide a supporting statement to evidence how you meet the Person specification;


  1. Previous experience of working within a statutory, voluntary, community, private social care or customer service environment dealing with members of the public, successfully managing conflict, difficult and sensitive situations. Demonstrable ability to influence people, whilst remaining professional and impartial. (SS)
  2. Experience of working in a fast paced environment, adhering to deadlines and delivering results through effective planning and organisation of own workload, demonstrating the ability to prioritise and manage demands, even under pressure.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to respond to change in the working environment by showing a willingness to adapt and be flexible in changing circumstances, seeking advice from others when change occurs and maintaining work standards as circumstances change. (SS)
  4. Appreciation of the importance of confidentiality and safe working practice. (SS)
  5. Ability to demonstrate level of awareness of equality and diversity issues appropriate to this role. (SS)


  1. Understanding of the impact of crime, with knowledge of the Criminal Justice System and relevant local agencies and resources.

Skills and abilities


  1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills demonstrating an ability to confidently relate to a broad spectrum of people in a tactful and sensitive manner. To demonstrate empathy and control own emotions. (SS)
  2. Good knowledge and experience with Windows based computer applications within a working environment.
  3. Able to work flexibly, including some evenings and weekends
  4. Experience of diverse team working, demonstrated by an understanding how own objectives fit into team objectives. Builds effective working relationships with a flexible attitude to team roles.


  1. Promote the interests and values of Voice
  2. Demonstrates sound problem solving skills and ability to make appropriate judgments and decisions, offering practical ideas and innovative solutions but, knowing when to refer upwards for a decision
  3. Knowledge of Force and Partner Agency IT systems

(SS) = Evidence required in Supporting Statement

Closing date for this post will be 01/06/2020 and video interviews will be held on 10/06/20.

Apply now

  • Ideally you should have no criminal record, however, some minor offences may not exclude you from applying for this position.
  • Please list qualifications below:
  • Please attach a supporting statement of no more than 2000 words providing evidence of your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities. You will be required to provide full, clear and specific examples to demonstrate how you meet the criteria. Please number your responses to make it clear which criteria you are evidencing in accordance with the job specification. Criteria which needs to be demonstrated in your supporting statement is marked above (SS). Please note that it is the examples you provide in the supporting statement that will determine your suitability for invitation to interview and will contribute to our overall assessment of your suitability for the role.