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Why Voice advocates Restorative Justice

This is article from the Restorative Justice Council website which highlights the reasons why Voice approves of the use of Restorative Justice.

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Restorative Solutions CIC


Restorative Solutions CIC is the leading provider of Restorative Justice and wider Restorative Approaches in England and Wales.  Established in 2004 as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), we are committed to embedding restorative approaches across all communities, through delivering innovative programmes and delivering effective and quality training and services to achieve the best possible outcomes for victims and support offenders in their rehabilitation.

Currently we are working with a number of Police and Crime Commissioners in England and Wales to develop and deliver bespoke Restorative Justice support.  Restorative Solutions also work with other organisations, including, the NHS, Local Education Authorities, Children Services and Housing Associations to resolve conflict, address and challenge unacceptable behaviour and develop emotional literacy by using restorative approaches.

RJC Website


The RJC is the independent third sector membership body for the field of restorative practice. It provides quality assurance and a national voice advocating the widespread use of all forms of restorative practice, including restorative justice. The RJC’s vision is of a society where high quality restorative practice is available to all.

The RJC’s role is to set and champion clear standards for restorative practice. It ensures quality and supports those in the field to build on their capacity and accessibility. At the same time, the RJC raises public awareness and confidence in restorative processes. The ultimate aim of the RJC is to drive take-up and to enable safe, high quality restorative practice to develop and thrive.


Upset and Angry? Let me explain

Coping and recovering from harm or conflict can be difficult. You will probably be feeling emotional, upset and at times angry. Seeking answers to questions that you may be asking yourself and others around you can help. Restorative justice can help you ask those questions directly from the person who has been in conflict with you or done you harm.

The Woolf Within

This video narrates the transformation of Peter Woolf, once describes as a “walking crimewave”, from prolific offender to RJ evangelist. It is also the story of Will Riley who, after facing Peter in an RJ process, went on to found Why Me?, an organisation set up to promote the benefits of RJ to victims of crime.