Anti-social Behaviour – assisting a family

What happened?

A family was suffering from repeated anti-social behaviour from neighbours, which was affecting their happiness at home.

How Voice helped: 

Anti-social behaviour can often seem like minor incidents and occurrences, but they can have a profound and serious effect on your happiness and mental and physical health. We understand how frustrating and intimidating anti-social behaviour can be, and are here to help in a variety of ways.

Practical help:

We liaised with the police to provide the family with CCTV for their property, meaning that any incidents could be captured on camera and used as evidence.

Emotional support:

Voice provided emotional support to the adult family members who were stressed and anxious about the anti-social behaviour that they were being subjected to.

Liaison with other agencies:

After being put in touch with the family, Voice spoke with both the police and the anti-social behaviour officer to help create a co-ordinated approach to the problem.

The result:

The inter-agency work between Voice, the Police and the local authority ensured that the family were listened to, supported and provided with practical ways to prevent further anti-social behaviour from happening to them. They are now healthy, happy and free of any issues.