Anti-social Behaviour – Louise*

What happened?

*Louise was referred to Voice by the Police, following a fall out with her neighbours resulting in criminal damage, harassment, verbal abuse, making false allegations, intimidation and anti-social noise coming from within the neighbour’s house all directed at *Louise.

*Louise was scared to be at home, suffering severe anxiety which was affecting existing health conditions. She was unable to sleep properly or feel relaxed and was overwhelmed about how to get the issue resolved.

How Voice helped:

Anti-social behaviour can often seem like minor incidents and occurrences, but they can have a profound and serious effect on your happiness and mental and physical health. We understand how frustrating and intimidating anti-social behaviour can be, and are here to help in a variety of ways.

Practical help:

Voice Specialist Case Support Worker signposted *Louise to information relating to anti-social behaviour and guided her through the Community Trigger process. *Louise also received crime prevention advice and support to help her feel safe.

Emotional support:

*Louise met regularly with her Voice Specialist Support Worker who provided emotional support and assisted her with techniques regarding dealing with anxious thoughts and symptoms, with sleep behaviours and general advice to support her health.

The support Voice provided enabled *Louise to talk about how the anti-social behaviours have been affecting her in a confidential and safe space.

Liaison with other agencies:

Voice spoke on behalf of *Louise with the Police, the Anti-social Behaviour team at the council and the Crime Prevention Team to ensure that she is fully aware and up to date with what’s happening.

The result:

*Louise is still currently being supported as this case continues, but she feels stronger in herself and more able to cope with the thoughts and feelings. She feels well informed of the investigation status and confident that she knows who and where to turn to when in need of support.


‘There were times I think I would have gone under if it wasn’t for the support I received from Voice. Knowing someone is there is at the other end of the phone, this is an invaluable service. I feel so much stronger now.’ *Louise


(Corby area)


*Please note names have been changed to protect identity of those involved