Assault – helping a resident who was assaulted outside of Northamptonshire

What happened?

A Northamptonshire woman was assaulted while in a neighbouring county.

How Voice helped: 

Being assaulted can be a terrifying experience – we know, because we work with people day in, day out who are recovering from incidents such as assault. It doesn’t matter where it happened, when it happened or how it happened – Voice is here to help you cope, recover and thrive.

Emotional support:

Voice gave the lady emotional support to help her recover from the assault and to feel better after a scary incident.

Liaison with the police:

It became clear that the lady was confused about the incident and this was impacting her ability to recover.

As she was unsure about what was happening with the investigation, Voice liaised with Bedfordshire Police to ensure the woman was kept fully informed with the criminal proceedings.

The result:

The lady felt much more comfortable with everything that was happening in the investigation and was therefore able to recover more quickly.