Burglary – helping a 72-year-old victim

Voice helped a 72-year-old to recover from the impact of a burglary which occurred at her home, while she was in the house.

Three unknown males, who were all wearing balaclavas, entered a one bedroom by forcing a door and breaking off the latch. Once inside, they stole jewellery items from the bedroom. The occupier of the house was in the front room at the time.

We made contact with the victim within 24 hours of receipt of the referral from Northamptonshire Police. We were able to provide immediate emotional support and identify that the victim required ongoing and regular emotional support to help her cope, recover and thrive.

Within four days, the case was allocated to Voice specialist support worker, Darren, who made arrangements to meet with the victim at a location close to and accessible to her. The victim received Voice support over a period of approximately five months, with a mixture of telephone and face to face support sessions with Darren.

In the first meeting, the victim talked about the circumstances of the crime and how it had left her feeling very unsafe in her own home. Through the subsequent support sessions, as well as providing emotional support to talk through the victim’s feelings, ¬†Darren gave advice and guidance regarding home security, safety, online safety, housing support, anxiety coping mechanisms and access to specialist counselling support services. Darren was also able to provide free security devices for the home to make the victim feel safer.

It was identified through these support sessions that the victim required specialist support. Darren was able to provide her with the emotional support she needed until she was successful in starting work with a specialist support provider. During this time, Darren signposted her to suitable organisations, read through guidance information with the her and assisting with the completion of referral forms.

Voice was pleased to have helped the victim to the point where she started specialist support, and she is now on the road to recovery with this specialist support service.