Domestic Abuse – helping an elderly victim

What happened?

An elderly woman with physical and mental health problems was driven to the brink of suicide after suffering 30 years of domestic abuse.

How Voice helped: 

We understand how hard it can be to speak out if you’re suffering domestic abuse at the hands of a partner. We’re here to help you get held, to support you emotionally and practically and to help you escape a terrible situation. Speaking to us is always free and completely confidential.

Practical help:

Voice contacted domestic abuse charities Eve and Women’s Aid to find a refuge or temporary accommodation for the woman. She was provided with a Bed and Breakfast accommodation and was accompanied to her home to collect some clothing and belongings.

Voice spoke regularly with other agencies for many weeks to ensure that the lady was supported at all times.

Emotional support:

Voice staff kept in touch regularly with the lady to check on her, to see how she was coping in her new accommodation and how she was feeling.

Liaison with other agencies:

Voice was contacted by a mental health nurse who was supporting the lady and was in need of some additional assistance.

Over the phone a needs assessment was carried out in which Voice realised that the woman was extremely distressed and feeling suicidal at the idea of continuing to live with her husband. She was completely at rock bottom, terrified and isolated with no friends or family to reach out to.

The result:

The woman was able to escape her abusive marriage and start to build a new life for herself. She told Voice she was happier than she had been for many years and was no longer feeling suicidal.