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Voice is a free, confidential support service for anyone affected by crime, life-changing fire incidents and serious road traffic collisions in Northamptonshire.


Our services are available to anyone resident in Northamptonshire, whether a crime has been reported to police or not and regardless of when or where it happened.

Since lockdown, we’ve seen an increase in domestic abuse of all kinds: child-on-parent abuse, partner-on-partner abuse, and parent-on-child abuse.

If you’re experiencing abuse of any kind, we’re here to help and support you, so you can cope and get the abuse to stop.

We can do this by:

Providing emotional support to help you come to terms with what has happened or is happening.
Helping you access specialist support service who are trained to help people and families just like yours.
Helping you practically, by providing things such as panic alarms and helping you through the criminal justice system or filling in housing claims.

If you’re experiencing abuse from a child, partner or parent, we can help you. Contact us today.


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