To compliment the support and guidance our team at Voice offer, we also provide a wide range of information on our comprehensive website and the ability to access self-help coping tools by downloading our free support app. Voice Ltd is also commissioned by partnership funding arrangement to deliver the Northamptonshire counties Independent Domestic Violence Advisory (IDVA) service, The Sunflower Centre, providing crisis response and risk management to the highest risk victim/survivors of Domestic abuse, Honour based abuse, Forced Marriage and stalking and ensuring a county wide, partnership response via the counties Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference. (MARAC) Voice continues to work with colleagues across the county to contribute to strategic planning and initiatives, to supporting partnership working, to evolve and develop with new legislative changes, to bring new opportunities and to lead and implement business change to provide quality support to victims of crime, abuse, fire, and road traffic collisions. This annual summary has been prepared to provide an overview of our years’ work, performance, and impact. “The emotional support exceeded my expectations, I was very low, lonely, and downtrodden. After speaking with you, you gave me my confidence to regain my own opinion.” “You listened and you respected me - I just can’t thank you enough.” “It was all absolutely fantastic. Just knowing we had appointments scheduled so I knew I could talk to someone independently about the way I was feeling was brilliant.”