Our Chief Executive Officer As Chief Executive for Voice for Victims and Witnesses Ltd I am delighted to present our Annual Report for 2021-22. I am always humbled by the outstanding work that our employees do on a daily basis to ensure victims and witnesses are supported through their personal journeys so they can cope, recover and thrive. The feedback we receive from clients demonstrates how our support can be life changing for victims. Within this report you will be able to read some of this feedback which is really moving and demonstrates the positive impact that our professional service has had. Throughout this Covid Pandemic our staff have worked hard to ensure victims and witnesses are supported through their personal journeys. Our Introduction Team have contacted over 43,000 victim referrals by phone, letter, e-mail or SMS to ensure they were aware of Voice service’s and how we can support them. Our Witness Care Team have supported on average 1899 victim and witness cases through the court system each month. We provide them with information and support so they can provide their best evidence, and in so doing offenders are brought to justice for the crimes they have committed. Our Sunflower and Voice teams received 12,427 domestic abuse referrals during this reporting year. This area of work has increased over the pandemic period and unfortunately is still increasing. We have worked hard to support these clients and have recruited additional staff to offer Crisis Support at weekends working with the Police to offer immediate support, advice and safety planning. We work closely with partners to ensure victims receive a personally tailored support offer drawing on the counselling skills and experience of others so individuals can fully recover from their trauma and move forward with their lives. It is so important that the outstanding work we do is continued to be recognised and valued so our services can continue to deliver for the victims and witnesses in Northamptonshire. Fiona Campbell Chief Executive