Sunflower Centre

Northamptonshire Sunflower Centre offers non-judgemental support to high-risk victims of domestic abuse across Northamptonshire

What is the Sunflower Centre?

Northamptonshire Sunflower Centre sits within Voice for Victims and Witnesses. The Sunflower Centre offers a free service providing practical and emotional advice and support to clients who are assessed as high risk. The majority of our referrals will have been reported as a domestic crime or incident to the police who then automatically make referrals to us. An Independent Domestic Violence Advisor will then contact the victim and give them the opportunity to meet with us.

What is the role of the Sunflower Centre?

The Sunflower Centre’s role is to provide:

  • Crisis intervention, risk assessment and individual safety planning
  • Give you a voice and enabling your interests to be heard
  • You with options on how to keep you safe
  • Support for high-risk victims through the criminal and civil courts
  • Signposting to other services such as crime prevention, immigration advice, legal advice groupwork and counsellors
  • Advocacy with other agencies on your behalf
  • Support and refer to the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) process
  • Support to High Risk victims whose partners have received Domestic Violence Protection Orders Support victims through the Specialist Domestic Violence Court Process.

How do victims of domestic abuse access our service?

  • Agencies and professionals can refer to us if they feel that their client could benefit from the support and expertise of the IDVAs.
  • Domestic abuse victims can also contact us directly if they would like to use our service.