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Keeping Safe in the Halls

Whether you’re at University for the first time or returning to study, you’ll probably need to find student accommodation. Some people opt for shared houses, while others choose student halls either for the first year or as a permanent base.

The likelihood of you experiencing crime in your student accommodation is thankfully low – particularly if you make safety and security a priority and work with your friends to stay vigilant.

When first moving in

When you first move into your halls of residence, you should be given information by the university on the locking systems in place and written guidance on all aspects of safety, but if you haven’t, contact Accommodation Services.

It’s also worth making a list of all your valuables and electronic devices. Write down makes, models, serial numbers, and consider ‘identity marking’ them. You can also register your devices on the UK National Property Register.

Protecting your personal details

Your bank cards, PIN numbers, official university paperwork and driving license all contain personal details that are of interest to identify thieves.

To minimise the risk of these forms of ID falling into the wrong hands, keep them somewhere safe – either in a locked draw or safe. It’s also important to inform your bank and other organisations about your change of address to ensure they send replacements to the right location should anything go missing.

If you do have ID stolen, report the loss immediately to the relevant organisation.

Don’t flaunt it

Modern students usually own a number of high-value items such as laptops and smartphones. These devices are vital tools, but they can also be a magnet for thieves if left on display and unattended.

Make sure you keep your smartphone, laptop, tablet and any other device secure and discreet if they’re left on their own in your halls of residence.

The same goes for bank cards, wallets and purses; either keep them on your person or locked away in your room. If you can get by without large sums of cash (contactless technology is rife in Northampton), you’ll have one less item of value to worry about, too.

Use your locks

The halls of residence at the University of Northampton are equipped with the latest locking technology, but they still need to be put to good use.

Whether it’s to keep your new laptop safe or simply make yourself feel safer at night, always use the locks. They take seconds to lock and unlock but provide ultimate safety while you’re in the halls.

Quick-fire tips for staying safe in the University of Northampton’s halls

  • Use a UV pen to mark possessions – in the unlikely event you have something stolen, you’ll be able to easily identify it as being yours when reunited.
  • Close all windows and doors – even if you want to let some air in during the summer, it’s far safer to close and lock all entrances to your room when you go out.
  • Get insured – Speak to Accommodation Services to find out about the level of insurance you have as a student in the halls, and register your own if you want extra protection for valuables.
  • Make copies of important documents – take photocopies or photographs of your driving license, passport and anything else that you’d need to cancel or re-order if stolen.
  • Stay together – the University of Northampton invests continually in student safety, but it still pays to stick with your mates when heading to or from the halls late at night.

Who else can I talk to?

Voice has a team of highly trained counsellors who can offer free, confidential advice to men and women who have experienced crime, no matter where or when it took place. Contact us today if you want to talk.