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Taxi Safety

One of the safest ways to get around Northamptonshire is via a licensed taxi and there are plenty of reputable taxi firms to choose from that have been operating for many years.

There are some important things to keep in mind when booking or hailing a cab in order to guarantee a safe lift home – particularly while travelling at night and when you might be under the influence of alcohol.

Quick taxi links and numbers for Northampton

Taxi tips

Never accept a lift from a stranger or an unlicensed taxi – there are plenty of licensed taxis in Northampton to choose from, and those that are will have a claret and white license plate on the back of their car. Licensed private hire taxis display white and yellow license plates.

Travel in numbers, if you can. Avoid travelling home alone or with a stranger. If there’s too many of you for one cab, make sure you split evenly and take separate cabs in smaller groups.

If you’re at all suspicious about a car or driver, do not enter the taxi – even if you’re doing so with friends. Likewise, if there doesn’t appear to be a meter on board and you can’t see any ID, or you feel immediately uncomfortable upon entering the car, get out and start the process of finding a taxi again.

Where can I find licensed taxis in Northampton?

Northampton has plenty of locations where you can reliably find licensed, safe taxis, but we recommend heading for the black cabs on Mercer’s Row. This road runs along alongside All Saints Church, is well-lit, and usually has plenty of licensed cars available.

If you find yourself near the train station, there is also a taxi rank opposite the rear entrance, which usually has lots of cars waiting, no matter the time of day or night.

Taxis in Northampton operate 24/7, therefore you should never struggle to find a lift home. Although some taxi companies are licensed for hailing, we recommend opting instead for a known taxi rank.

Make sure you have enough cash on you to pay the fare; if you’re heading back to Avenue or Waterside, budget for between £10 and £20.

Uber does not currently operate in Northampton.

Need to make a complaint?

As a passenger you have rights: if you think a driver has acted unfairly or dangerously, you can make a complaint.

Who can I talk to if something goes wrong?

Licensed Northampton taxis are safe, but if something goes wrong during a taxi journey and you find yourself in immediate danger, call the police on 999. If it’s a non-emergency, call 101.

Voice has a team of highly trained counsellors who can offer free, confidential advice to men and women who have experienced crime while travelling by taxi, no matter where or when it took place. Contact us today if you want to talk.