Hate Crime

What is hate crime?

Hate crime is the term used to describe an incident or crime against someone based on a part of their identity.

People can be targeted because of their:

  • ethnicity;
  • beliefs;
  • disability;
  • sexual orientation; or
  • gender.

Hate crime can include acts such as graffiti, vandalism to property, name-calling, assault or abuse.

What can I do if I have experienced hate crime?

  • report it to the police on 999 (emergencies) or 101 (non-emergencies);
  • keep a note of all related incidents, including times, dates and details of what happened. This will help the police to gather evidence; and
  • if incidents have involved your property, improve your home security by adding locks and bolts to doors and windows. Further options are CCTV, video intercoms or panic buttons.

How can Voice help?

Whether you just need to talk about what happened or if you need practical help making your property secure, Voice is here to help.

We’ll listen to you in confidence and offer information, practical help and emotional support.

We can also help you to navigate the criminal justice system and make a compensation claim, if you choose to report the crime.

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