What is robbery?

Robbery is when someone takes something from you with violence or threats – usually (but not always) in the street or another public place.

How should I feel after I’ve been robbed?

Everyone’s experience of crime is personal to them and depends on exactly what has happened, as well as previous life experiences.

Common reactions to being robbed include:

  • feeling anxious and constantly on edge;
  • being frightened to go out;
  • feeling sad, upset and unsafe; and
  • having trouble sleeping and having nightmares.

Why do I feel like this and who can I talk to?

Being confronted by a thief can be a frightening experience for anyone. How you react will depend on lots of different factors, including previous events in your life.

Everyone will respond differently, but however you feel, remember that it’s never your fault – only the offender is to blame and nobody has the right to take or destroy your things.

Most people experience normal responses of shock and fear after being robbed. You may have no reaction straight afterwards, but later on you might start to feel more distressed by the events.

The repercussions of a crime like this can last a long time. You may be afraid of experiencing a robbery again, making you nervous about going out and being in public places.

However you’re feeling, talk to Voice. We support hundreds of people every year who have been robbed.

Every conversation is confidential and our trained staff can give you emotional support and practical to help you cope, recover and thrive following any crime.

It doesn’t matter if you have reported anything to the police or not, or when or where anything happened.