Murder or manslaughter

Bereavement is a painful experience for anyone, but when you lose someone because of the violent actions of another person – through murder or manslaughter – it can be particularly devastating.

As well as coping with your loss, the knowledge that it was caused by the conscious actions of another person can be incredibly distressing, and cause you to experience strong, sometimes overpowering feelings.


Every person experiences and deals with bereavement differently and your feelings may change from day to day. Over time you may feel a wide range of emotions.

This is perfectly normal and ok – it is completely understandable that you should be affected by something so traumatic.

If you’ve been affected by the murder or manslaughter of another person, we can help signpost you to the National Homicide Service who provide support on our behalf. While those around you may want to help support you, they may also be struggling to cope at this difficult time.

Talking about what you’re going through and how you feel can’t change what’s happened, but it can help in other ways. Our trained counsellors will help you to process and deal with your feelings, and help you create coping strategies to start to move on from what has happened.

If you want to know more about how we can help, get in touch.