“Where’s Dave?” 6 tips for a silly but safe night out

Whether it be an extended catch-up session with friends in a pub garden or long sunset walk along the beachfront, us Brits certainly know how to make the most of the warmer months.

However – and without wanting to rain on your summer parade – staying safe while out and about late at night should still be high on your agenda.

So, to avoid your perfect summer’s evening being wrecked by the actions of someone else, we’ve got six tips for staying safe:

1. Keep your valuables hidden

There’s no getting away from the fact that most of us carry a fair degree of expensive tech these days. From smartphones to smartwatches and pricey, eye-catching headphones, personal possessions remain an easy target for thieves.

If you’re under the influence of alcohol, or preoccupied by blaring music, you’re an even easier target for the nefarious in society. Do all you can to keep your valuables hidden; keep that stuff safely locked away in your bag, purse or zipped pocket.

2. Stick to well-lit areas

If you’re out walking at night after sunset, make sure you keep to well-lit areas. The more you shroud yourself in darkness, the more you risk your personal safety.

Avoid dark passageways and instead stick to routes that feature adequate street lighting – even if it means taking the long way home!

3. Identify when you’ve had enough

If you’re drinking alcohol, do so in moderation and mix it with plenty of water.

The key thing to a successful, safe night out that you won’t forget, is to identify when you’ve had enough. If truth be told, we all know when that point arrives; it’s when you know (and even say to yourself) that ‘just one more’ will be one more too many.

When you reach that point – stop.

Know your limits; you’ll get home safely and feel far fresher in the morning, to boot.

4. Book a taxi whenever possible

We’ve talked about walking home above, but the safest route back is always via a licensed taxi or lift from someone you know and trust.

Avoid unlicensed cabs, even if they promise a quicker and cheaper route home. Also, if a member of the group wants to leave early, make sure a member of the team (that’s what you are!) accompanies them home.

5. Stay together

How many times have you headed out for a night with friends only to become separated from the main group? Similarly, how often has the phrase “has anyone seen Dave since he went to the bar?” been uttered during one of your outings?

Don’t be that person; stick together. The term ‘safety in numbers’ is particularly relevant when it comes to nights out.

6. Stay away from hostile situations

If you find yourself within the vicinity of a fight or serious disagreement, don’t get involved.

No one wants you to be the hero on a night out, so if you happen to encounter a hostile situation, leave it to the bouncers and police to resolve. You’re out to have a good time, remember.

Final thought

There’s no reason to feel unsafe on a night out – providing you follow the tried-and-tested tips above. In doing so, you’ll remain in control of your own destiny and greatly reduce your chances of ending up in harmful situations.

The summer is a wonderful time of year. Go out and enjoy yourself – just stay safe!

Further reading: Northampton Borough Council offer some fantastic advice for safe nights out. This article is well worth a read.

If you’ve been affected by crime on a night out, remember you can talk to us.

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