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Behind the scenes with our Children and Young Persons Team

Our dedicated Children and Young Persons Team (CYP) is a free and confidential service that helps and supports young people who have been victims and witnesses of crime. In 20/21, we received over 4500 referrals from those in Northamptonshire who needed support after witnessing and/or experiencing a crime. And we…

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Survey for victims and witnesses of crime (Closing date 31st October 2021)

Crest Advisory, a criminal justice specialist consultancy, have been commissioned by the CPS to better understand the needs of victims and expectations of victims with whom they communicate. This will inform a review of how the CPS engages with victims and witnesses and support the development and testing of new…

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How to spot signs of sexual abuse

Leaving Neverland is a documentary featuring two men, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who claim they were abused by the pop star Michael Jackson when they were children. So shocking are the accounts of the alleged abuse, that the singer’s legacy has been called into question. Indeed, if you’ve seen…

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