Behind the scenes with our Children and Young Persons Team

Our dedicated Children and Young Persons Team (CYP) is a free and confidential service that helps and supports young people who have been victims and witnesses of crime.

In 20/21, we received over 4500 referrals from those in Northamptonshire who needed support after witnessing and/or experiencing a crime. And we want to take you behind the scenes with one of CYP Champions to see what happens…

“As a CYP Champion within the Introductions and Case Management team, our role focuses on offering support to children and young people within Northamptonshire.  There are three of us in this role and we all have experience and knowledge of working with children and young people.

We’ll contact the child or young person when they have been referred to us.  This can be a referral from the child or young person or from another agency or professional.  We consider the age of the child or young person and can either speak directly to them (14+) or with a parent or Guardian to introduce the service and discuss the emotional and practical support available.

Whatever the age of the child, we always make sure that they feel ready to engage in support and that this is something that they want at that time.

We’ll look at what support the child or young person might benefit from.  Being the victim or witness of crime can have a significant impact and part of our role is not only to help and support around the initial concerns and feelings that there may be, but also to establish if there is a longer term impact as a result of the crime.  When this is the case, we will complete an assessment to identify what support may be required to help the child or young person to cope, recover and thrive.

The child or young person is then referred into specialist support, initially consisting of six sessions. This can be extended or alternative support can be discussed and referrals made.”

Everyone reacts differently to different situations

“Being a victim or witness of crime can be a scary and frightening experience for everyone, whether you are a young person or an adult.

How you react can depend on lots of different factors – such as what happened to you, the help and support you have around you and the previous experiences you have had. Feelings such as anger or fear are common but there are no rules as to how you may feel and for how long – it is personal to you.

Common responses to being on the receiving end of crime may vary, from feelings of extreme anger to becoming withdrawn; from suffering with nightmares to losing confidence.”

How to access support

We’re here to support you when you have been affected by crime, no matter what has happened to you and regardless if you have spoken to the police or not. And we can help you to talk about difficult feelings, regain your confidence and feel safe again.

Our CYP Champions and specialist counsellors are here to provide you with emotional and practical support and advice whenever you need it.

However you feel, we’re here to help and support you, whenever you’re ready. Get in touch with one of the voice CYP team to see how we can help you by calling 0300 303 1965 or emailing or by clicking on the self-referral button on website.

Our offices are open – Mon, Wed & Fri 8am-6pm, Tues & Thurs 8am-8pm and Sat 9am-5pm