Archive October 2021

Survey for victims and witnesses of crime (Closing date 31st October 2021)

Crest Advisory, a criminal justice specialist consultancy, have been commissioned by the CPS to better understand the needs of victims and expectations of victims with whom they communicate. This will inform a review of how the CPS engages with victims and witnesses and support the development and testing of new…

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How to deal with hate crime within the workplace

It’s the last thing any business owner, manager or HR professional will want to deal with, but if you suspect hate crime is taking place within your business, we’ve got four tips you can lean on to tackle the issue: 1. Take action as soon as possible Ignoring hostile behaviour…

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Why do people commit hate crimes?

The Crown Prosecution Service defines hate crime as an incident where the motivation appears to be hostility towards any of the following: race; religion; disability’ sexual orientation; or transgender identity. Hate crime is always wrong and if it has happened to you, it certainly wasn’t your fault. Anyone can be…

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