Voice helps historic sexual abuse victim receive £22K from Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

Voice has recently helped a victim of historic sexual abuse win a £22,000 claim from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Specialist Case Worker, Darren Nutt, helped the person through the application process following several months of support.

“The individual got in touch with us in February and explained that the abuse had been carried over the course of ten years when she was a child,” explained Darren. “Whilst supporting her, I realised that she was probably eligible for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.”

What is the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme?

The scheme has been set up by the UK Government for victims of serious assaults that result in life-changing injuries or mental harm. Compensation usually has to be claimed within two years of the incident taking place, but there are exceptions if the victim can prove that their mental or physical health prevented the claim being made.

“The only other exception is if the abuse or assault was carried out during childhood,” said Darren. “This was the case with the lady I was supporting, but like so many people, she had no idea she was possibly eligible for compensation. This is such a shame, because a successful claim really can help put your life back on track; it’s an important part of the recovery process.”

A guiding hand through the process

The individual was referred to Voice by the police. “She emailed us, and that’s where I picked up the case,” explained Darren. “We met face-to-face and I filled out the compensation scheme form for her online. Technically, you can do this yourself, but it can be quite daunting and prompts you to relive what happened. This is why we always advise people to seek help from us during the process.”

It can take up to a year for claims to be reviewed, but in this case the decision came back very quickly – just two months from the point at which Darren submitted the application.

“It happened so quickly, but despite the successful claim, the support we’re offering this individual won’t stop, and I’ll remain in touch with her to ensure she continues to receive the help she needs,” confirmed Darren.

“These payments are not easy to obtain,” said Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive at Voice. “Darren’s hard work is a perfect example of our role in ensuring victims of crime get the chance to apply for the compensation they deserve. People often meet the criteria, but either don’t know that’s the case or feel that the process is simply too daunting to undertake. That’s why we’re always here to help them apply.”

“I literally stood there crying for ten minutes”

“When Darren mentioned the compensation, I didn’t think I was going to be able to get it,” explained the claimant, who wants to remain anonymous. “Then, when it eventually came through and he told me how much it was I literally stood there crying for ten minutes – I couldn’t believe it!

“I simply wouldn’t have gone through the claim process if it wasn’t for Voice. I don’t like filling out forms anyway, but the questions asked in this one were tough, and I couldn’t have done it without Darren’s help.

“Voice are wonderful, and I’d recommend them to anyone who needs help following a crime. They’re always there; whenever I need to talk to Darren, I only have to send an email, and he’ll call back the same day or first thing the morning after.”

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