5 tips for staying Christmas party safe

We’re right in the midst of work Christmas party season, and with just two weekends remaining before the big day, you might be looking forward to letting your hair down and dancing the night away with colleagues.

Every year, millions of people head to festive parties staged by their workplaces. And, after a long, hard year’s graft, why shouldn’t everyone get the chance to enjoy themselves?

There’s no reason you can’t have a brilliant work’s Christmas do that will live long in the memory, but we’ve got some great tips for remaining safe during those celebrations.

1. Plan all aspects of the night

Although the planning of the party is likely to fall on the shoulders of the business, there’s plenty of things you can do in the lead up to ensure you’ll have the best, safest night possible.

Start by confirming which of your closest work colleagues will be attending and agree you’ll do so as a group. Pre-book taxies or, if you can, arrange lifts from willing family members for the journeys to and from the venue.

Plan to take cash, too, because for as much as we’re increasingly living in a cashless society, it’s vital you have some funds to hand if required for the taxi home.

Lastly, remember to tell loved ones who aren’t attending the party where you’ll be and the times you’re likely to be out.

2. Be sensible with your drinks

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting merry during a Christmas party, but if you reach a point where you think it’s sensible to stop, do so – don’t be swayed by others if you feel like switching to soft drinks. Equally, if you’d rather not drink at all, no one can tell you otherwise – it’s your choice, so stick by it.

Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the night and keep your drink close to you, always; don’t leave it unattended on the table while you head to the dance floor. The chances of having your drink spiked might be low, but it pays to be vigilant.

3. Remember about Duty of Care

You might not be sat in the office, but your employer still has a Duty of Care to look after you as a worker at the Christmas do.

This means they have a responsibility to keep all staff safe during the celebrations, therefore if you suspect there might be risks that have been overlooked about the venue or travel arrangements, or if you spot anything concerning during the night, speak to a senior member of staff to voice your concerns.

4. If you don’t fancy it – don’t go!

Although this is a work do, there’s no obligation for you to attend. Christmas parties are nothing more than invites, and if you either genuinely can’t make it or simply don’t want to go – don’t.

If people try and convince you otherwise, or you have a nagging suspicion that your career will in some way be harmed if you don’t attend, stick to your guns – you’re doing nothing wrong. Good employers will completely understand, but if you have concerns or feel like you’re being forced into attending, speak to your line manager.

5. Travel home in groups

As noted in tip 1, attending a work’s Christmas do as a group will ensure you share the night with people you trust whilst also benefitting from safety in numbers when travelling home.

Don’t book a taxi by yourself, or enter one that hasn’t been prearranged (most private hire taxis won’t take you unless they’ve been booked). If you’ve followed our advice in tip 1 and pre-booked the ride home, make sure your group is rounded up at least fifteen minutes before the car arrives.

Enjoy your Christmas party – you’ve earned it! And, if you follow our tips above, you’ll be assured of a safe night you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

If you experience any form of crime while out for festive celebrations – be it as a victim or witness – and need someone to talk to, the Voice team are here for you. It doesn’t matter when the crime took place or whether or not you’ve reported it to the police – just get in touch whenever you’re ready.