5 tips for staying summer safe at home

When the hot weather kicks in, we find ourselves outside instead of in, slowing down instead of rushing around and generally just enjoying the sunshine that the glorious summer months bring.

However, while most people are simply enjoying the warm summer days, for criminals, the longer hours and relaxed mood is something to be taken advantage of. So we’ve put together our top five tips to help you stay safe across the summer.

1. Keep doors and gates locked

It’s tempting in the warmer months to keep doors and gates unlocked simply because they’re being used more. But this makes them an easy target for criminals who are looking for opportunities.

Plus, by leaving gates unlocked, it makes for an easy entrance and exit point for a potential intruder!

2. Always check your windows

There’s nothing better than throwing open all of the windows in the summer. The smell of summer breezing through the house creates an enormous sense of relaxation.

But it’s easy to forget to close a window or leave one unattended for long periods of time and this gives potential thieves an ideal opportunity.

If you know you’re going to be in a different room, put the window on the latch so it’s much harder for anyone to get through.

3. Keep hedges trimmed

While private hedging looks great, high hedges actually gives criminals ideal cover because no one can see what’s going on behind them.

A good trim before summer can help hedges in check during the summer growth surge and ensure they you don’t give intruders the privacy they crave.

If you do prefer to keep hedges high, ensure there’s nothing in the garden that might attract a potential thief in the first place. This includes tools that they can use to break in to garages and sheds.

4. Keep luxury items out of sight

Summer is the time for BBQ’s, bike rides and parties and all of these can lead to the big ticket items coming out from storage for all to see. (Because why wouldn’t you want to show off the 30 steak grilling machine with the smoker attachment?!).

Leaving these out when you’ve finished makes it easy for thieves, while if criminals see expensive items outside, it gives them a clue that their might be expensive items inside as well. Although it’s a pain, make sure you tidy everything away at the end of the day.

Going away? Then please don’t say…

Nowadays, it’s easy to find out if someone’s away because their normal social media posts and updates have turned to beautiful beach sunsets and cocktail selfies.

However, by keeping that you’re away quiet, it lowers the risk of someone using that to their advantage!

We’re not saying don’t tell your family and friends, but don’t tell the world. See if friends and neighbours can check on your house while you’re away as well. 

We can help!

Remember, if you do happen to become a victim of burglary, Voice is here for you, whenever you feel ready to contact us. We’ll offer an experienced, non-judgemental, impartial ear and practical support when you need it.