Anti-social Behaviour – assisting a young family

What happened?

*Sammy self-referred into Voice for support as her and her young family were experiencing anti-social behaviour from her next door neighbours where they would scream at her, throw things at her house and cause criminal damage to her property.

*Sammy was very fearful of going out and was eventually moved as it was deemed unsafe for her to go back to the property

However she still felt scared and felt very anxious that the individuals causing her and her family harm would find out where she lived the anti-social behaviour would then continue.

How Voice helped:

Anti-social behaviour can often seem like minor incidents and occurrences, but they can have a profound and serious effect on your happiness and mental and physical health. We understand how frustrating and intimidating anti-social behaviour can be, and are here to help in a variety of ways.

Practical help:

Voice supplied *Sammy with practical crime prevention support so that she could start to feel safe when in her new home and whilst outside.

Emotional support:

*Sammy was very anxious and fearful, the anti-social behaviour she had suffered was also impacting on her young family who were also showing signs of distress, Voice were able to provide one to one emotional support to help her with her thoughts and feeling providing a safe and confidential space to talk about how the anti-social behaviour had impacted on *Sammy and her family.

Liaison with other agencies:

Voice were able to liaise with the Police to provide *Sammy with an update on the investigation which helped her to understand what was happening.

The result:

*Sammy is now feeling more confident and ‘is in a really good place’ and says ‘it is almost like a switch has gone off and I feel really good and that everything is falling into place’ The family are now happy and settled and enjoying where they live.

The inter-agency work between Voice and the Police ensured that the family were listened to, supported and provided with practical ways to prevent further anti-social behaviour from happening to them.

(Northampton area)

*Please note names have been changed to protect identity of those involved