New Halsey Suite unveiled at Voice

We were delighted to welcome the families of Detective Superintendent Gerald Halsey and Doctor Philip Duffy recently to unveil a plaque in their dedication at our Warwick House headquarters.

The Halsey Suite – named in memory of DS Halsey and Dr Duffy – was originally located at Campbell Square Police Station. However, in recognition of their support for victims and witnesses of crime, our secure area – which gives victims and witnesses the ability to provide evidence through live court link – has taken on the title.

Pictured above [left to right]: Alison Duffy, Carole Duffy, Simon Blatchly, Fiona Campbell, Tony Halsey, Shirley Halsey, Jane Houston (Voice).

To commemorate the occasion, the Halsey and Duffy families have kindly donated £1,000 to Voice’s Victim’s Fund, which supports victims of crime to buy essential goods when crime has left them in difficult situations. This fund is often used to support victims of domestic abuse who have been forced to flee their homes and possessions. Recently, Voice supported a mother to buy school uniforms for her children after the family fled an abusive living environment.

Present at the unveiling of the new Halsey Suite plaque were mother and daughter Alison and Carole Duffy; Assistant Chief Constable Simon Blatchly, of Northamptonshire Police; Fiona Campbell, CEO of Voice; and husband and wife Tony and Shirley Halsey. Carole Duffy and Tony Halsey are the siblings of Gerald Halsey, while Carole Duffy is the mother of Dr Philip Duffy.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Duffy and Halsey families for their continued support for victims and witnesses of crime in the county, and we look forward to supporting those in need of our services at the Halsey Suite for years to come.

If you know anyone who is in need of support after crime, they can access free, confidential help and support by contacting us, here.