Join us as we remember those who’ve been affected by knife crime – 7.30pm, Saturday 30th April 2022

The national monument against violence and aggression is coming to the Northampton and we hope you can join us as we mark the event over this weekend.

At 27ft (8.2m) tall and made from more than 100,000 weapons and blades seized by the England and Wales’ 43 police forces, the Knife Angel was created to highlight knife crime in the UK and educate young people of the harmful effects violent behaviour can have.

With approximately 30% of the knives still having bodily fluids on them, creating the sculpture involved disinfecting and blunting each knife before welding them onto an existing steel frame to create the angel.

Families who’ve lost loved ones were then invited to have a personal message engraved on to a blade, which was then used in the sculpture. Over 80 families in total came forward to the artist and their messages now form part of the wings.

If you’d like to join us, a service and vigil at All Saints’ Church will be held at 7.30pm on Saturday 30th April 2022. Candles will also be lit as a symbol of light against darkness.

We’ll also be there during the day with free information packs to show what support is available if you, or someone you know, has experienced or witnessed a crime.

If you need further help – be it emotional or practical – the Voice team is always here for you. Contact us whenever you’re ready.