No More Week 2024

This week Voice has been joining organisations from around the country in raising awareness of what support services are available to those who are victims of domestic abuse and sexual voice.

No More Week is dedicated to ending domestic abuse and sexual violence by raising awareness and ‘inspiring people to help create a culture of safety, respect, and equality in their communities’.

In 2022/2023, Voice alone received 12,801 referrals that were related to domestic abuse, while the Sunflower Centre in the same year supported 909 clients (with 96% of these clients being women) through emergency crisis response and regular ongoing IDVA support.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse and/or sexual violence

Voice is here to help you cope, recover, and thrive. Our services are available to anyone living in Northamptonshire, whether a crime has been reported to the police or not, and regardless or when or where it happened.

Our friendly team will be able to offer you practical or emotional support to help you move forward with your life.

To access our free and confidential support services, you can:

You can also contact the police if you feel comfortable by using the below details:

  • If it’s an emergency, dial 999; or
  • If it’s not an emergency, call the police on 101 – this is the non-emergency number – or click here.

Other resources

If you’re not quite ready to get in contact with us, we have a variety of other resources available on our website including:

  • The MyVoice Tool which explains the different steps and stages of the criminal justice system
  • Our free app which gives lots of practical tips to support your physical and mental health
  • Our Domestic Abuse Support Hub which is packed with information about the different signs of domestic abuse and what you can do if you’re experiencing it

Don’t forget…

Voice is here to give you the support that will empower you to escape from abusive situations and move on from the impact of abuse.

People who abuse others are trying to exert control, and it is important for you to know that you can escape these situations, no matter what the abuser may have said. When you feel able to, speak to Voice.

We also have strong links to specialist domestic abuse agencies that may be able to help further whenever you’re ready.